Thursday, May 26


I've had a true daydream today; a sad one actually. It was all about if she left me. If she died! How my life would ever be?! She's my gate to the outer world. She's my engine that keeps me running. She saves me. She comes in most of my critical times just to save my life. She manages to handle me in my weirdest of states, though sometimes she doesn't, but sometimes she does in her way that I hate, sometimes, and sometimes she amazes me by how she could understand me. Some people love me just because of her sake. I'm blessed just because she's in my life. If she's ever gone, I won't be able to live. I'll lock myself up. I'll be so upset that I'll stop talking to people. I'll turn into a very aggressive person. And I'll do all the crazy things in life. I might even lose my sanity. And I'll be all alone. No one will ever be courageous enough to get to me. As much as they would like to, they'd find no way. And I'll never have the replacement, the replacement of my best companion, best sister and friend, not to mention, my best mother. I just wouldn't ever stand this! I won't. My life would be a life of despair. 

And now I wonder; does she know how much I love her?

May God bless her, for me! May she always be happy.
ربي لِي أمّ أسألک أَنْ تُطِيل فِي عُمْرهَآ وَ تَلْبسھَآ الصّحہْ وَالعَآفيَہْ وَ تَرْزُقْنِي بِرّھَآ  


Salma said...

May Allah always keep her safe, for us =')))) ... She's my mother too =') <3

Anonymous said...

Sob7an Allah I had the exact same thought just yesterday!