Friday, May 27


I want this to be perfect like how I daydream it. They are random and discrete on my mind, but when I put the discrete inputs on paper they are transformed into continuous sentences. Excuse my engineering language; I'm having an exam in 12 hours!

It's scary, that only three hours are so critical that they represent all your hard work you've been working lately. And sometimes, a three hours time is the only output of a whole year. Now, how about this, when you die, you'll face a short time, or a long one - I don't know, I haven't been dead before - a time that will represent your whole past life. It's fair enough, isn't it?

I would like to tell you about the kitchen. It's one of the most places I like in this house where I live. I love the kitchen here, its design, its light and even its window that actually gets in all the wind there is in Cairo. That kitchen is the place I escape to when I'm sad. I know what you might be thinking, and No, I don't go there for food. And no, it's not the love of cooking that attracts me to there. But there's something about there. There I feel safe, maybe because no one will see me when I hide. So there I go and be myself, cry, laugh or act crazy. And today I crumbled in my weirdest states, and to there I found myself escaping. I made myself an orange juice, leaned on its cool walls, started drinking and shedding some tears. I stayed like this for a while staring at everything around, till I finally got healed and regained my strength. No one knew about that, except the kitchen, and now you. Shouldn't I then love that kitchen; it holds lots of my secrets too.

Now, would you pray for me? I'm having an exam at 9 am tomorrow!! I might need some prayers and support. :) 

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Hend Mohamad said...

i love it =) rbena yekremek =)