Monday, May 30


"What really break a heart is taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be."

When it comes to broken hearts, there's something so beautiful about them that attracts me. They are laid open and their real essence rises to the surface. A broken heart gets fearless out of all its ruins. It gets more courage than it had ever had before, at least the courage of laying down deep emotions. Only when your heart is broken you can get to say how you truly feel inside. If you're mad, you'll shout. If you're sad, you'll cry. And if you're happy, you'll laugh. And you'll have the whole right. And how right it is to let loose every once in a while. Maybe, to keep standing up high and tall, you have to bow every now and then. Then how the broken heart connects with its soul to restore, rediscover and reshape itself is an amazing inspiring fruitful journey. It's the only journey you enjoy, though you only get to enjoy at the end, but next time you're asked to tell a story, you remember your journey and you try picking up the story you'd like to tell. Yes, I too have a broken heart, sometimes. But if I catch myself with a broken heart, I let me know that pieces will eventually fall into place and there's nothing ever to worry about. Because the heart, unlike anything else in the world, grows stronger as it breaks. And that's why, that's what I wish to do, I want to fix hearts, and watch them heal.