Wednesday, May 18


Today, weather was over the beautiful. I loved the soft summer breeze as I was studying and surrounded by people who were studying too. It was the most amazing place and time to study. Studying then feels like a happy thing to do. Then out of the blue, I found myself thinking of Ramadan, that holy month we long for, maybe because of that breeze, or maybe because I witnessed the sunset. The time of the day that has all the magic, starting from the breeze till the feeling it gives. That feeling is sometimes the best of feelings, like the feeling I had today, and sometimes it's the worst. Because life is so colorful and everything is clearly seen in a light that's so strong, and suddenly this light begins to fade away till you're left in all darkness. But today as the light was fading away, another light came bit by bit. A light that was given to me through the music streaming in my ears or through the breeze that passes by me leaving me smiling, or maybe through all the good memories that kept flashing by. And let's not forget to thank electricity that lights our nights, somehow. :)

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