Thursday, May 19


Searching for something special through this haze of things that seem to be so special, yet they are not. And you start thinking if these things fake being special or is it you who hallucinate special things?

Strange that dreams come true only when you stop dreaming. You keep searching for that special thing and when it comes, it doesn't feel special anymore.  Or is it because you still can't believe that the thing you've been looking forward to all your life has finally come true? Maybe, it's just that, it doesn't feel the same as when you dreamed it. But you're happy, it came true and the smile never leaves your face till it becomes irritating and ridiculous, that non stopping deep smile, and you think you should fake a frown so that people don't get to question the smile.
You're in love with how things worked out, you love how it is going on and you trade the world for it. You'll never risk losing it, and if you'd hope for one thing, your hope would be strengthening and keeping it forever. Then you finally get the reason to make it the best and get the best out of it; you're grabbing the chance happily and you hope it never leaves your fingers. And you're looking for nothing more than how it really is; you finally have no fancies about it, except making it the best, the best in the way it already is.

But till you find that special thing you're looking for, don't stop searching. And when you find it, please feel the glory and keep the smile.

"There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." - Oscar Wilde

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