Friday, May 20


Today has been a busy happy day. I've been working at every minute of the day, I've been racing time and I've been doing something that I like, though it's tiring, but it is enjoyable, for me. The best was that I've been enjoying my company like I always do when I have this particular company.

But I hear a voice telling me: "You stupid, you've enjoyed that donkey-work, the copy & paste thing?!?" I get shocked and I find no words to reply... Yes, I've enjoyed that. Maybe it has something to do with my love for words. And I actually believe that nothing is ever a donkey-work! Every work has to have some brain for it. My apologies to donkeys! :)

Then comes tomorrow. It's Friday! Oh, I miss Fridays! Fridays have always meant a lot for me. Since I've been ten I wait for the Friday of the week to come. It's my day to rest, to enjoy, to have a peaceful loving family outing, or even to have the chance of a good study. And recently many beautiful meanings have been added to Fridays. And by that, I can say, Fridays are not only the days I long for, they are the days that hold most of my good memories. I'm glad I have Fridays in my life. And I'll make tomorrow another unforgettable Friday of my life, inshaa'Allah! :)

P.S: I know I'm confusing you with my days, because it's actually tomorrow today! I mean it's already Friday, but to me it's still Thursday! Wish you comprehend! :) And I promise, I'll fix my days for you, starting from tomorrow (my next day!) :)


Salma said...

<3<3 =)=)

Reem said...

I'm really enjoying this! =))))


fel la3'bata fehm :D i got you ;D and i like and LOVEEEE my fridays too :D