Monday, May 23


This is a picture from the actual place, but I couldn't find a clearer one! 
And that's part of the view that I adore.

There's no place like here, my home. Everything feels different, tastes different and smells different. Even the water, it's colder than anywhere else, it comes to cool off my burdens and erase my worries. Even the air, there's no breeze like the one I can feel over here. It's the only breeze that gives me the hope of tomorrow; that the best is yet to come. There's a memory in every inch of here. As I move around, memories fall down off the shelf hitting my head or banging on the floor yelling at me and saying "Don't you remember?" And when I dream, I only dream of here.

I can never leave here or trade it for anything else in the world. It's my own place of memories. And I think I'll never feel the same about any place in the world like how I feel about here. The place I call home.

That's the whole view! :) I just love this! :):) Thanks to my sweetest sister Salma! :) <3

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