Monday, May 23


Today, I had dinner with my mum in a sweet restaurant. The place there was beautiful. Though there wasn't any breezes --yes it was an open-air place-- but, the view was relieving and it gave me a sense of contentment. I was having a very peaceful time trying to keep a smile on my face, till I caught a tear coming down through my own eyes. That tear had lots to say, but it only said: "Salma, listen to me. You're not as happy as you say. Your life isn't the life you seek. Things are wrong and you never try to set them right. You're doing nothing for that optimist look you keep holding. And I had to come to wake you up. So please, Wake Up!"
I listened to my tear, but it said nothing more. It didn't either give a clue of what should I do. What should I do?

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