Tuesday, May 24


Don't give in your fears. If you do, you'll never be able to talk to your heart.
Fear is always the one and only reason for rejection. You skip out opportunities just because you're afraid of a commitment, or of a replacement. You're still looking for something you haven't found yet. And you'll never know when or how you can find it, but it isn't that yet. Then you're confused. You fear losing your own dreams. Or you fear getting closer to them but never knowing how to really achieve them. Sometimes you're too afraid to be happy. And sometimes you're too afraid to hurt yourself and make mistakes that can't be fixed. And when it comes to people, you don't only fear for yourself, you fear for them too. And you over burden yourself with all the fear there is in life. Only then you think rejection is the best solution. So you quit as the easiest way out is the right thing to do. But it's not. Because at the end, you'll find something; something that tells you what's right, something spoken from your heart. Your heart that knows it all. There's always something that makes you stay, makes you go further or even lets you get enough courage to quit. When you find that thing, when you're sure that you're not afraid or confused, when you stop rejecting because of non sense then know you're right where you should right be.
Let your fears go, listen to your heart and find that thing that makes you never give up.

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