Monday, May 16


Many things remind you of certain people. Places, songs, clothes, simple words and sometimes other people. And specially places, they do remind me of all kind of people. The strange part is when a particular place always, I mean always, remind me of someone, someone who I never, and I mean never, remember except when I pass by there. Yes, I do pass there by car every now and then, not intending to, but my way leads me to there. And every time I pass by, specially at night, I flash back that moment when we were talking, the last time we talked. And I... Well I don't know how I get to feel when I remember. But today when that vision flicked in my head, all that I could think of is to wonder how I every time pass by there, at night, remember that very same special moment. It's like a deja vu. And it keeps coming. Maybe that is the only memory I hold for that person in my little busy mind. 

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call that person =)