Sunday, June 5


When that full stop was the end and not an indication that a new line will begin. When you kept waiting for a word that defines a continuity of something began long ago. When things are left undone and words are left unsaid. When you keep wondering how was it taken and what does it actually mean? That is when later never came. But it's over now, you can't keep waiting for later. So you give up! But again you wonder, would it have been different if what was supposed to be later was soon?

"You'll never know how soon it will be late."
June, 04

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Reem said...

Sometimes I get the feeling of "If I just had one last conversation....." But I once read that "The could haves are taken care of, because if they should have they would have."
so I don't think it's worth the "Wondering" you either GO for it OR LET IT GO!