Sunday, June 5


مصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد

I don't know why I've just said what I said. And it's even too harsh for the thought in my mind. But doesn't it happen? When one thing just gets you on your nerves and spoils the day out for you, but for others it just makes their day even better and more cheerful? When two different persons see one thing, just the same thing, from two opposite angles, for one it's a bliss, for the other it's just a sad situation. There's nothing to be blamed. But that's how things are sometimes. All you should do is respect and accept.

June, 05


Small Pharaoh said...



like the mathematical equation, the negative when goes to the other side becomes a positive =)
that's life cycle =)

Salma said...

I loved that mathematical analogy. :):)