Monday, June 6

#21: Lala-Land

Lala-land ... Have you ever heard of that before? Have you even imagined how does it look like? I have a special imagination of it. First it's an island. A very small island, the smallest one on earth. It's so small that it can't hold any buildings. There's no life there at all except for some few trees, that hold many kinds of tropical fruits, and birds singing and tweeting all the time, and off course some other little creatures like insects, beautiful insects, butterflies. And the sea is all around you -yes, it's a circular island- with the purest color of blue, it's so pure that you can see the fishes as they swim happily and the dolphins come to check on you, give you a smile, go play for a while and then come back. There, it never rains, there's no storms and the sea never gets high. It's perfectly safe to stay there. And there you are all alone. Lala-land can't hold but one person, and that person is you. You're the only one who is allowed to go there. And when you're there you don't think, you have nothing to worry about, you care about no one and no one cares about you. You're free of any responsibility you can ever hold. That's my lala-land and I love being there. What's bad is that I can never go there. I only wish. But that has nothing and nothing to do with how I wish to go to Al-Jannah, paradise, where there I can never imagine and it's there where I wish to go to right now! Right now! :)

June, 06


Dreamy said...

Loomy :):) This is...VERY TOUCHING :)

Salma said...

Mine is different a little bit :). There I found all the people I love and wish to be with the moment I wish to go there, and we're all happy, having good time and fun. And no, it's free from all types of insects =D. Dolphins are the perfect thing =). I love your lala land, wait for a visit one day ;):D.

YQ said...

well :D mine is like Disney land :D
but I like urs awy it's my dream land :) but I'd like it to be very large & with sand on the beach then green hills with beautiful flowers everywhere & of course Dolphins are perfect (Actually it's my favorite animal ever:))
& sometimes I wish my lovely relatives & friends are there, other times I'd prefer being alone or with the company of a good touching book ;)

Reem said...

Well though mine is a little bit crazier! =D But yours put me in a very good mood =))) THANK YOU =))