Wednesday, June 8


Yes, Who are you to judge? Who am I to judge? Neither you, nor me know it all, and we can't know it all how much we try. Some questions are better left unanswered. And you can't judge unanswered questions. You just can't judge if you don't know it all. You'd be a fool if you think you'll judge right and fair. And you'll never judge fair enough how much hard you tried to judge fair. So simply let go the judging part, never try to judge, even if you were asked to. And if you ever judged, then remember that this may not be the truth. You'll never know the whole truth. Because everything can be fake in this life and there's only one truth to go to. The only truth is Allah, so let the judging be to Allah and let it go. Have faith in Allah! :)

June, 08


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Reem said...

"If you Judge people, you have no time to love them"....Mother Teresa =D

We are all in some ways faulty =D so we should mind our own faults and when the time comes and we become Perfect! then maybe we get to think about others faults!