Sunday, June 12


A Confession

I'm late as usual. I never admitted that before, when everyone around was saying nothing but that only one sentence. And I was just saying the opposite, like I never wanted to admit being like them or maybe I needed to be different. But it was just how I felt. Never mind, Thank God I got there finally. Maybe I needed to see the horizon first to finally have the guts to say it. And I hope I truly do see what's in the horizon. I needed to take a decision first, it took me long I know, but that's how it works for me. Too much for an intro. Here it comes: "I can't wait to graduate. I'm really excited about graduation. Because I sincerely don't wish to stay another day doing the same thing I've been doing for five years and I need to do something different. I need a fresh new start." -- That's it! Off my chest! =D

June, 11

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Salma said...

=)=)=) On the opposite, today I had the feeling of "No please, I'm no more wishing for graduation, as now I know what I've to do -although it is stupid- what shall I do after graduation?" ... It's the fear of the unknown, the fear of getting out of my comfort zone, ...

Finally back to my mature state, what the hell I've been thinking of :D!! Damn you dear college :D