Sunday, June 19


I've been detached, drifted away. My heart got blocked, my hands got crippled and my tongue was sealed. I lost the count as I lost the interest. I had to step back and disappear, maybe to heal, maybe to reconsider, or simply to be missed. Until today, something brought it back to me, maybe it was you knocking on my door, or me doing something I love to do or maybe it was the question: "Where are you?" And that's why I decided to break a brick and look at you through it, or let you look through it towards me. I had days worth telling and you had the right to listen. Maybe I'll tell them, maybe I'll pass them by. But you no longer have to worry about me for I'll be back a bit by bit. Just wait and care if you do care and keep asking if you ever thought of the question.

June, 19
*(Should have been #34)


Yasmina said...

You were being missed alot, welcome back =))


Welcome back =) I've REALLY Missed you =)