Monday, June 20


Shall tomorrow be the last time to go there? Stay in that hall for three hours holding that pen and staring at a paper. Shall I say it's over and never coming back? Or Shall I go back for two or maybe four or five other times? It all depends on the past. And I think… It isn't ever easy to seal the doors of the past at any time you like. It isn't easy to close a door and open another as you demand. You can never skip a consequence of a previous action you did. You can't escape, you can run as much as you can but it'll always chase you till it gets you. You can even hide for a while, take your breath and think, but at the end it's your fate that you'll have to face, it's your past that still has undone tasks to complete. And it's you who has to face your past to set up for a better future. The exams will keep following you till you successfully beat them up. And I wish tomorrow to be the end of my battle. Let's hope for the best. =)
June, 20

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Yasmina said...

Don't worry,Tomorrow insha'Allah will be the end of the battle and you will end it winning kaman =))