Wednesday, June 22


"It's never expected that today would turn out to be the best day of your life, the day you'll remember forever." 

Sometimes the best plan is no plan at all. So I'll let my life go as it goes, I'll believe in the no plan at all. I trust the plan Allah has made for me and I'll leave it to Him.
Yes, I just wanna run into the unknown. Not fearing the unknown even if it's too bad, I won't let it turn bad, I'll work hard next time to skip the mistakes I fell in before. I'll be more cautious about the things that maintain my self inner peace. But I need time to reshape and rebuild myself, my life, my heart and mind. Just give me the chance to restart and take my time restarting. Unfortunately life is in a hurry to give me the time to think and restart, and unfortunately too life won't give me the chance to restart anytime I wish. Sometimes you have to work on an ending first to know how to think about a beginning. I'm in need to install the updates and then restart my life. -- I'm sorry for that silly metaphor! =)

*Something to admit: I never thought that I miss you that much till I met you today. Yes, I've missed that smile.
*About that quote: It's said today by a friend of mine, someone I work with and just love unconditionally; we were talking about the good memories we hold.
June, 22.

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