Sunday, June 26


It's post #33, a picture of a black cat and I'm talking about failure. That's a bad omen!

Is this what failure feels like? Is this why those who had experienced failure never manage to get up once again on their feet and move on with life? Is it because they had lost the interest, the motive and the trust? It's the trust, isn't it? Losing trust not only in everybody else but actually in yourself. Disappointed and depressed that you can no longer trust yourself to do anything. No, it's not the absence of faith, it's the absence of trust. Is there any difference?

Today I lied to you, because I knew you'd get sad, mad and you won't understand, you won't appreciate. And lying to you is the most thing I don't want to happen between us. But it happened now...Is it another sign I should not ignore?

June, 25

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