Monday, June 27


It's too white to see anything as nothing is clear. It's void, it's space, there's nothing even to sense, it's blank. Everything is dimensionless, free of any constraints, able to vanish and disappear at any moment. You're not walking, not even flying, you don't even exist, but somehow you're there. You're too afraid to take your breath, you're standing still as if you've frozen. You can see something small, colorful, flying towards you, you reach it by your hands to catch it, but you can't. Like that it's something in the air, or a visual illusion, or maybe it's you, you're the illusion. Remember you don't even exist, but you can still witness all of that's around you, the void. There's a reason why you can still connect with this void. Is it hope? But hope doesn't exist when trust is lost, and you're too afraid to trust. Is it faith? Faith in yourself? That can't be, remember you don't even exist. It's the faith in the void around you to be filled with all that you dream of. It's the faith in who had filled it before for you and then emptied it. It's the faith in who keeps you connected, though you actually don't exist. It's the faith in who made you exist before, it's the faith in Him to make you exist once again.

June, 27

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