Thursday, June 30

#36, 37

You don't like to show your breaks every now and then. You keep your negative thoughts caged inside your brain. But then something happens, something very insignificant that triggers it all, opens the cage for the thoughts, the tears and the shattered pieces inside your heart to fall down. Only then you decide to let it go, loose control and give your negative thoughts the way to pass through you and show itself to others. You find yourself a stranger, no one knows you and you don't know who to talk to as no one is familiar to you either. But there you see someone who might give you the right answers, so you choose to open up to only that person and by that you've opened the cage to the captivated thoughts to be free. It isn't easy, not at all, yes you're finally free of the negativity, maybe, but the process of freeing it and removing the shattered pieces that hurt your heart isn't an easy one at all, it hurts even more and more. Maybe it was worth the hurt, because it's the hurt that heals, but that hurt too needs a healing. This time, the healing of the hurt that heals was a laugh, a game and some small achievements, and a talk that you love. Finally you get to the lesson learned: No one will ever know what you didn't tell or showed. No one has the capability to read your mind; how ever how badly you needed to find that person, you won't! But let me say that exceptions are always there, like when I found you telling me what I exactly needed to listen without you even knowing what was going on with me. I was amazed, it was like you've been there, you've been reading me lately. Have you??!!

June, 29

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HEEEEEEEEEEY =) TRUELY spoke my mind in many parts, =)
you helped me also understand other parts =) ... thank you, and i guess i have to say that we all get there (the point of so low that we need to be lifted up)i'm glad to know how i can get up =)