Thursday, June 9

جبتك يا عبد المعين تعيني لقيتك يا عبد المعين عايز تتعان!!

That's a proverb. It means: I tried to seek the help of the one who knows how to help me well but I found him the one who needs more help. Doesn't it happen? When you seek someone to fix the mess you're in, and just when you get to him you find him living a more messy world than yours. Don't you then feel you're blessed? And then you try to help him, you actually do help him. And that just makes you feel better. You know, you somehow helped yourself by helping him there. 
Sometimes seeking the solution to your problems isn't the way to solve it. Sometimes knowing that you're capable of solving problems, mostly those of a higher difficulty, is the way that best solves your problem. Just keep observing. :)

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