Wednesday, June 1

Whether it’s something you're holding onto out of hope or out of fear, just let it go.

Let it go, it's killing you; it burns you deep inside. Let it go because you don't deserve this pain. Let it go because you deserve much better. Let it go because it doesn't matter, it's so cheap. Let it go because your faith is much more stronger. Let it go because I haven't cared so much about anyone like you before, and now I do. Let it go because I don't want you to make the same mistake as I do. Let it go because it will go anyway. Let it go as soft as it could go. And don't, please don't, let me lose you or see your faith weak. You don't know how much you're loved. You're actually needed. And only let your faith be in Allah.


Mabrouk said...


Small Pharaoh said...

Beyond Awesomeness =) <3


Yasmina said...

Perfect =))