Friday, June 24


You can disappear as you like, hide from everything and everyone and never show up. But they will keep trying to get to you. Not because they don't like your disappearance, but because there are things you have to do, they just want you to do them, for themselves first, then for you.

You can put off everything you have to do and pause your life -- know that you can never pause time -- just to try to find a way or the strength that will keep you doing what you do. But sometimes that doesn't work; it's like killing the pain but never actually healing. Just pausing, for no reason at all, pausing to do nothing instead, and pausing to waste some time. Maybe yes, it could help you move on stronger after that, and maybe it won't. Denying, postponing, hiding, escaping is never ever a solution, just a waste of time. Please, Attack and don't just defend.

June, 23

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