Saturday, July 2

#38, 39

Not knowing how to describe it, it's something that can only be felt from deep inside. It reminded me of how beauty is still there in life. Things that I've abandoned because the beast has captivated me inside its jails. And sadly I've given up for the beast leaving it to take over me and put me in the darkness of its shadows. But today, beauty came to show me the way towards her. She came to tell me that my place isn't down there in the shadows, it's up there beside the light. That light isn't just the light of joy, it's the light of hard work that shine even brighter than the light of pleasure. The light of sever tiredness that comes to you at night because you've been working very hard and actually you've achieved some results. That light that lasts for ever. And today, I'm happy that I had it all again, the pure appreciation and feelings full of gratitude. Let me tell you that you'll keep shining as long as you live. May your shine never fade away. :)

July, 01

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