Sunday, July 3


It has passed, the storm. Since that cold and windy night, the night when the storm started and I decided to learn that dance in the rain, three months have passed now. The storm is finally on its way to end, it has just two weeks left to keep storming. Maybe the storm will be at its hardest in those coming two weeks. But here's what I need to consider? Have I been hiding waiting for the storm to pass? Or did I truly walked through the storm and made it till the end of learning that dance? There were days where the sun shined up high and the storm was calm; I had my best memories on those days. I had other days where the storm was too strong that I couldn't even stand facing it; I had to hide then. Other moments I just kept walking against the storm trying to reach the end. However, the storm had passed, almost. Yes I still have some more days to suffer, but they'll pass as the rest had passed. And I'll keep wondering was I the greatest warrior during that storm? Or didn't I yet get to the extreme?

June, 02

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