Monday, July 4


It's silly, yet you have to accept and get along with it. You don't have the right to argue, because then you'll be an inconsiderate person. It's very weird because they themselves have this right when it comes to your silliness. Is it because you don't try to be silly and you try to be honest instead? Why do people always have to make up silly stories to make us accept their silly excuses? Why don't just people be honest, considerate and accept different excuses all at the same time? Everyone is fighting a very hard battle, so be kind even when you give out your own excuses and you need others' sympathy; just don't give silly excuses that makes others feel frustrated. Be kind and apologize if it's necessary, you're not right all the time and even if you're right, you might be hurting someone else unintentionally. Being kind saves the day then. And you can never be over stressed and over burdened to be kind with others. Remember that everyone is fighting a hard battle!

June, 03
*Dedicated to a dear friend. :)

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and that's exactly what I needed to say =)