Thursday, July 14


"That's brilliant. Brutal but brilliant. Thank you!"

"Because I ran out of reasons why we shouldn't!"

"Don't blow away. Anything could happen."
"I apologize for the bloody delivery."

I want to read, I want to write a lot! I want to go to England! Okaaay, I just want to live that movie I've been just watching, "The holiday". And … besides that it really is the movie I needed to watch, the one that takes my breath away and makes me dream high and just shine in my dreams, it's really an inspiring movie and it got out all the emotions kept inside. I was already too emotional, I couldn't figure out why! But that movie came right in time to finally get it out of me. Okay, back to the movie. Listening to the language, the English, the words, all that brought back to me my passion towards words, words that inspire and leave a ring in your ear, words that if read alone would mean nothing at all but if said in such a way could mean the world. I admit that I'm falling in love with the wrong language, but its words just fascinate me and this just reminds me, I've always wanted to study literature. I'm sorry that I fell in the wrong love, believe me I have plans to discover the true jewel I already can easily posses, Arabic.

Back to the emotions, I'm pretty much feeling pretty good wearing my new pajamas, it's giving me some kind of esteem.  And about that movie, I don't want to live it literally I just want to have some kind of a paradigm shift into my a little bit hysterical uncategorized world.

Good Morning nice people of Cairo! =)
July, 14

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