Friday, July 22


I saw her today. I'm totally unable to remember when was the last time I've seen her, talked to her or even thought of her. Breaking the ice that's between us wasn't easy at all, wasn't accomplished as well. She was different, totally. She was broken, somehow. She wasn't shining brightly as she always does. However, there was some sort of light trying to glow out of her. And she has a dream, well it's just a seed of a dream but she has what it takes to let it grow into a dream and a reality as well. She used to be my sister, my secret keeper, my childhood friend and my forever dear best friend. But now, time and space have pushed us away and froze the road between us. Just one thing that didn't change, our warm hug. That was the only thing that gave me the hope; our hearts are still and will always stay the same. She is my cousin.

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