Sunday, July 10


I wish for some magic in my life. Magic where meaningless things happen, things that I scold and get me on my nerves. Then magically they turn out to be the best things ever happened. That's what I call Magic. But wait for a minute here, doesn't that what really happens in life? Is there any better Magic than the magic that Allah gives you each day, the magic of having a new day, another chance? Is there a better magic than a pure faith that you're always guarded and taken care of? Isn't that magic enough? That all things that happen to you always turn out to be the best things ever happened? Isn't life itself a magic?! And you know what! The magical words are: Wait and See! :)

July, 10

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Rania Ghieth said...

"The magical words are: Wait and See! :)" I Loved this sentence so much :)