Thursday, August 11


Still the same, exactly. Time had passed and I thought it no longer mattered to me. But somehow it has been there all the time, there at the back of my head waiting for a trigger to be released. I miss you. In every way, I miss you. But it's so hard to miss you after all that has been through. Actually nothing has been through and that's why it's hard. Because you're too far away and you don't seem like you need to come any nearer. And I thought I looked to the opposite direction and took my steps away too. Yes I did that. But a picture of yours brought me back to where I was. Back to you. Back to find that everything is just the same, and that's why I didn't change, I couldn't, because nothing has ever changed in the first place. Just the same thing, you always seem to insist on letting me down. One way or another I got hurt and left but you got me back. Please keep insisting till I finally leave.

August, 11

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