Saturday, August 13


What are you looking for after you had already found what you have always wanted to find?

Where did all of that go? Why have it changed? It's strange that it has always been about loving you. I loved you ever since the first time I saw you. On that day you looked familiar and I thought you're the kind of friend I want, or you're the kind of person I want to be like. And till now and though all those hard feelings I carried in my heart for you, I still love you and look up to you.

It's sad to get to know that she was happier back then, she was happier with those other people you didn't get to be with. She's not happy with you now, her smile is beaten up and all that's left of her is a dried tear.

June, 25 

PS: This is a very old draft that I felt  it should be published. Check the date!

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