Tuesday, August 23

#52: It's a verb. Best to say a فعل

Learning isn't easy at all. It is never a one semester; it needs a lifetime to make you understand. It needs a hell lot of practice to make you believe; words are never enough. It doesn't matter how much you want to talk about it or listen what others have to say. It never ends once you understand. It never ends actually. It just begins by words; actions finish the work. You're not done until you're done. It isn't over until you come over it. And yes I do agree that the common belief is that it actually ends when you understand, because the remaining part is actually pretty easy. But NO it's not. Not that easy to ignore it; not that easy to happen by itself. So don't fool yourself out there. I'll only believe that you really do understand when you actually do it. I won't believe you again when you tell: "Yes I know that. Okay!" I'm sick of hearing you! I want to see you actually doing it. And if you ever again ask me HOW?! I'll reply as I always reply. Just Do It! Move your legs, your hands and stand up, walk and get it done. There's no way out for you and you're forever stuck with me till you do it; till you LIVE.

Never thought I'd reach the fifties!! :)
August, 22

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I LIKE, I ADORE, I "understand" i have to do sth about it =)