Sunday, September 11

#53: Restarting!

They say it's always the start that matters. It's the most difficult step; it's the start that if you've passed successfully then you'll sure succeed. Don't you sometimes then wish to just pass that start in a blink of an eye? That you cut the path by a shortcut or take an elevator to climb the mountain.
Sometimes it's the start that makes you going, gives you the push and sets you on the perfect setting for the journey awaiting you. Then you decide that you won't proceed unless you were the beginner, the starter.
And sometimes, just sometimes, it's only the start that you start. You take the first step, the most difficult one, but just then the fuel in your engine leaks rapidly and you stop! All you get is that your name is written on it, you can now be proud of taking the step; you've started. But then that wouldn't be right, would it? It would be like buying a book but never reading it. Who has to get the credit, then? The beginner or the one who ends it successfully? Or should the beginner keeps it up till he ends it and never let it slip away?

"You're not done until you're done."

An advice: Don't sleep on it!

And allow me share with you something about "advice": You should learn from an advice, besides the advice itself, that it's first being given unconsciously to the adviser. No one advises you an advice that he doesn't secretly advise it to himself.  

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