Monday, September 12

#54: Trying still...

What seemed to be nice before isn't nice anymore.
Where the passion ran towards once before isn't
the same place where the heart goes to feel safe today.
What was impossible to happen during a whole past
lifetime happened in a minute and changed everything over the night.
And all the dreams you lived your life dreaming are no longer dreams anymore.

Change is the only constant, they say, yet somethings never change.

The running is still on, it never stopped to face.
Tears still find a way out when they are the least expected.
The heart still beats happily for the same words and moments.
Music still takes you away to where you want to go.
And the smile never leaves your face.

I'm gladly happy with how it looks around me;
a perfect start for a dream that was for so long staying behind my eyes.
I've also seen a nightmare that I haven't dared before to have.

Life is just fair, I say.

Listen to your heart and let your mind dance, like how my mind is right now.

Have a blessed day!

P.S: This song is just the music i'm listening to while I write this. Don't over think! 

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