Sunday, September 18

#55: Again..

and again I keep losing days. "How many days have I lost?" I ask myself every day and the moment I get no answer is the moment I realize I have to think of something to do. I've got no excuses but I won't try to give any, because that wouldn't matter anymore. And also because today I learnt: "If you want something, go get it. Don't wait. Or else you don't actually really want it."

Today I've also learnt that "Acceptance" is the most righteous thing to do. Acceptance is rating everything with honesty and sincerity. Say the truth to yourself and don't gaze your eyes to the low when you are actually standing high.

But still, I have this thing that keeps me paralyzed.

Dear most interior and sacred dream,
Yes, I'm still afraid of you. Afraid of fighting for you. Afraid of not getting hurt, but afraid of hurting. Still, I don't want you to give up on me, please! I want you to be always there for me, giving me back my sanity and my strength. 
One day I'll meet you, in real. I won't promise. But you know that I'll keep dreaming you even if you'll never come true. You'll forever be my most sacred dream.
a sinner

One last thing: I've got my hidden giggles back....Thank you!

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