Tuesday, September 20

#56: To the owner of hearts

I gave my heart to the owner of hearts for a couple of hours. On these hours, it was as if I don't exist. I'm not the one in control; something was driving me, to good. I was enjoying solitude, if that's what I can call it. I didn't really like talking to anyone or staying with anyone; I was having a better companion. I loved those hours! And when my heart came back to me, it was something else. Stronger, wiser, healthier and able to decide much more effectively. I took a couple of decisions; I changed a couple of thoughts and beliefs. As I gained more knowledge, I saw the world from a new perspective and I held a new responsibility. I also understood how beautifully it feels like when I kneel down to talk to Him.
"يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي علي دينك"

And I learnt something, that when you hold a sincere intention for something and then you wait till it comes as it should be, it really does come as perfectly as you wish.
I have to thank you again, for the special moments you gave me without ever knowing how I'll hold them specially. 
September, 18 

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