Tuesday, September 20

#57: Almost resembles the number

I have a queen. My Queen is humble and she deserves a celebration. My queen is the strongest, gone through lots of hardships and she's not yet appreciated fairly. She still persists to fight bravely, and win the battle strongly. My queen never looked like a queen, but in my heart she is a one now. My queen is loveable; she's loved by lots of others. My queen is wise and smart, sometimes harsh but mostly right. My queen is like no other, I'm gifted by her. And just recently have I realized that my queen is actually my role model. -- The good part out of this is that I haven't copied others' role models; I chose mine after learning and knowing. Ironic how you search for things in the furthest of places before you can easily and coincidently find them exactly beside your hands.
We have a special relation that started when I was a little. She used to talk to me a lot, ever since I was a child. She's the only one who shouts at me when I cry, that actually works. And she has a simple dream, an only one; and she handled it to me to fulfill. Hopefully I won't let her down.
 Today is my Queen's birthday! And the daydream was a flash back memory of a picture and a story I was told by her. Her and I cutting a birthday cake, I'm a 5 years old little girl, dressed up in a new beautiful dress and having a pure smile shinning. She's holding me closely and helping me cut the cake. And the story as you can see it in the picture; she had made me an unforgettable birthday. Her alone. And that picture happened again today, we've just changed roles. I owe her lots and lots. And nothing would ever be a repay for her.

 May Allah bless her, forgive her, guide her, and let her live long.

September, in the middle between 19 and 20 

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Salma said...

God bless her ... Ameen :):')