Saturday, September 24

#58: Okay!!

yeah yeah, I know! I just won't give any reasons. But you know, you're always on my mind. I mean it, seriously! .... Okay, here's a one.

I'm having a battle. Another battle in order to win the war and be free, eternally free of this wicked system! At first, it felt nice to still have a battle, practicing and preparing for it. I told myself that it's good that I, somehow uniquely, have been given the chance to practice more and be yet much better prepared for this battle and actually any other battles I'll have to fight later in other wars. But then, it didn't feel the same. Yes, I'm interested, it's nice what I'm practicing. But, still, it is Boring!! Still, everything is the same, still I'm the same and I don't feel the privilege I thought I've been given. And I think again, have I deceived myself once more? -- Disappointing  right? Anyhow, I'm doing my best to feel good about it, same as I've been trying for the last two months. Pray for me! =)

See you soon, I promise ;) 

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