Friday, September 30

#60: Giggles

Perfect, again! Seems like my perfect days are perfect because you're in them. Because I love to meet you, I love what gathers us, I love what we do when we meet. It's been always like this and pleasantly it seems it'll forever be.

I'm running after my dream and nothing can ever stop me, not even me. I think I won't let you catch me as well, unless you plan to continue running with me. Because I can feel my eyes sparkling and my face smiling, like the day I first dreamed.

And I never missed on the special moments too, today. This one was serious, was concentrated. It wasn't a moment that can be ever interrupted. I remember I heard the world calling me, but I couldn't move my head and disconnect. I guess I lost place and time for some seconds, like I was transferred to an empty world where there's no one else.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! For the marvelous things you did and you do to me. 

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Yasmina said...

i like it and like the new theme as well :)))