Friday, September 30

Don't let go until it's no longer with you..

One day you'll find it coming running to you. One day you'll listen to the giggles inside you. Your heart will keep skipping its beats and your face will really hurt you from the wide smile that you can't take of. One day you won't remember what was the cause of all of this. One day you'll look back and laugh loud at it. One day you'll say I'm stronger now, I'm grateful for who I became. And hopefully, one day it won't be too late to accept your buried wish long ago, your every time dream, the prayer you've made when you were just a little child; because sometimes it only comes to you, surprisingly, when you let it go. Yes, sometimes it does come back at the moment you've lost the hope. But it doesn't come because you have let go. It comes because it is sure that you have done all that you could have done. Like your dream chooses to have you as same as you have been dreaming it long ago. It's the moment when you know that someone somewhere else at some time had exactly the same dream as the one you've kept inside, beside your heart, and dedicated your whole life for it.

Inspired by the movie  Memories of a Geisha

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