Sunday, October 2

#61: forever in the heart

First times, they can be the worst or the best, the toughest or the easiest, the happiest or the saddest. But they come anyway. They can't be ever skipped, or else nothing would ever actually happen. First times are spontaneous, risky and they always come with a surprise. They might be just perfect or just like nothing can be worse. Yes, first times open the door to the other coming times. They draw the routes of the ever-after. Yes, first times are sensitive and critical. But first times are also accepted and can easily be re-directed, all at the same time. First times are always forgiven and passed, or forever held as a memory in the heart.

Finally I had the chance to feel it, the feeling I longed to feel. And I hope it'll come again with the happiness it came with today! yes Again! =)

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