Tuesday, October 4

#62: Bloody

"وقع الفأس في الراس"
That's how we say it. When what we've been running and hiding from all of our lives just suddenly appears from nowhere, looks to you in the eye and with an evil smile it tells you: "Hey, I've come. Show me what would you do now?!!"

And it has come; today I saw it's first intentions of a brutal attack. I've got none of any defense plans. I don't even know how to put such a plan. I've actually not decided yet if I really want to fight it or not. Maybe I'll just let in, invade my life as it demands and I'll surrender to the acts of fate. Because that was my actual plan from the beginning, to never fight fate. But I believe it's going to be a bloody war; someone won't survive for sure. All I'll do is accept and promise myself to stand still and never go astray. After all ...
"What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger!"

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