Thursday, October 6

#64: Unseen

There's a beauty in things that are not seen.

                     Trying to hide a smile inside yourself is beautiful. 
Figuring out a secret, all by yourself, is beautiful
   Having something to say to someone else, but you prefer keeping it inside, is beautiful.
Getting the chance to know what has been hidden inside someone else's heart is beautiful.
                Listening to a song and dreaming of it being dedicated to you is beautiful. 
Having a dream is beautiful.
                                         Chasing your dream is beautiful
Knowing someone else's wish is beautiful. 
       Feeling the happiness of someone else is beautiful. 
Sharing sadness with someone else is also beautiful.
Having a moment when you both think of the exact same thing is beautiful. 
  Praying for someone else without being asked to, is beautiful.
Thinking that someone out there might just be praying for you too is also beautiful. 
                               Being grateful for someone who has accidentally changed your life, is beautiful.
Counting your blessings is beautiful.
                        Appreciating is beautiful.
                                                       Forgiving is beautiful.            Love is beautiful.
               Kindness is beautiful.
Grief is also beautiful!    And hope is beautiful.
Praying is the most beautiful!

That's why they say the most beautiful things are unseen.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.
- Helen Keller

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