Tuesday, October 11

#66: Yes, why not?!

Sometimes I wish to say this...

People, when you're happy don't forget others who just might not be happy as you.

People, don't get mad at those who stood you up in a one single situation and forget all the good they have been giving you since long without asking for an exchange.

People, don't judge others. No matter what really happens or how much information you've got, Don't ever judge anyone. It's cruel, it's unfair and it's simply not your right to do it. And don't talk about what you have no idea about!

People, don't go away and apart of those who you love just because you hadn't had a chance to stick to them. Create that chance, please.

People, don't build walls. Not even to see who's strong enough to come and break them up. Always keep the door open to those who might need you and you'll eventually find a way open for you when you need a place to go to.

People, apologize for the very small mistakes you unconsciously might do, because they turn out to be great mistakes if you just left them unnoticed.

People, you know what.. Everyone is Selfish, even you. Just some people are too obvious in showing their selfishness, others are smart enough to keep practicing how to be selfless. And you might hurt others just as others might hurt you. It's human nature. And it's forgivable.

People, just... Be considerate. Be kind. Be helpful. Don't just leave others for no reason when they, willingly, came to you.

And no matter what and how you feel, always keep a smile on your face. I'm not telling you to fake it, I'm telling you to heal yourself from the ego you might have, train yourself on being kind and humble, and give yourself a chance to love and be loved. After all, that's the best feeling ever.

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