Thursday, October 13

#67: Sorry!!

Today I'm negative. And at this exact moment I Hate People! 

I'm focusing on all those who has let me down, took me and my love for granted and those who just forgot all about me and moved on with their lives. At this moment I don't want to think about others who may be in distress as well. I want to be selfish! Because I feel broken, I feel vulnerable. I can't think and I can't talk. And I don't know how to fake a smile. They say, it's easier to write when you're sad more than when you're happy. Because you've got a lot to say about what breaks you, you've got a lot of confused struggling feelings inside you, and thus you end up writing. This is not the case right now. Right now I just want to say: I HATE YOU!! And I'm really sorry about this! I'm in denial. Maybe I just need to blame others more than I blame me. So, I'm sorry that I have to ask for my right to break down, request to stay alone and say it out loud in every negative way there is: I HATE YOU! 

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