Saturday, October 15

#68: Something Real!

Disappointed! Couldn't believe what you're witnessing?! Yes that happens all the time. When you start figuring out how fake people can be. When you keep searching for the same things in the same place and you never find it because simply it isn't there anymore. When you refuse to think differently because you have a beautiful hope that you wish not to let it go. When you hold on too much onto nothing thinking it might turn out to be something.

It's the same ever since the start; it's the same everywhere and every time. Same scenario of the same story repeated all over again without a single slight change. Yes, maybe no one changes how hard they have been beaten up and hurt, maybe no one learns enough to be the greatest winner at the end of the game. 

And for some reason nothing tastes the same; everything became tasteless. And even the thing that gives the best taste you forget to eat it. 

Yes, this is reality. Don't be overwhelmed by the mask of the previous moments of giggles and laughter. 

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