Sunday, October 2

Miles away

Sorry, but I don't believe you're still the same person who I've chosen to become my friend. And maybe you're still just the same as before, never changed. Both cases, sorry I don't feel we are for each other anymore. We have gone too far away, two separate paths, two totally different lives. And I believe I have changed tremendously. I don't know about you, but my change is enough to say: Sorry, we can't be friends anymore!

Though I really miss our friendship! But giving it a second thought, that kind of friendship we had that I miss was just for a very short period of time. You gave me some of my best days ever and I owe you that. I hope you felt the same about those days we had together. But then everything went wrong and we parted and parted miles away. Those best days, this kind of friendship, can just Never come back, how hard we tried. I'm really Sorry! 

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