Tuesday, November 15

#79: The everything in nothing!

It's like the doors behind you are tightly closed that you can no longer open them, and you don't have the keys to the doors in front of you. All you're left with is a long colorless corridor full of closed doors painted in a very dark color. But you're running back and forth searching for a key, and sometimes you just sit down and rest for a while, imagining and dreaming of what lies behind the locked doors, what you'll see when they are open and what you'll do there. You're busy, so busy with all the dreams that float in your mind and all the wishes which your heart happily carries. You're too busy with all the things you want to do and all that you want to be. You're busy with the life you seek, but you're stuck. You're stuck between the life you've left behind, and the life that could have been. Somewhere in between the irreplaceable past and the opaque future, there you lie stuck in your present. Which is good and all, but it gives a feeling of nothingness. Weak stories to tell and no plans at all to talk about because you just can't see what is behind the doors. And then they blame you when you say: "I don't know, I'm fine! I just don't have anything to talk about."

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