Tuesday, November 15

#80: Words

Sometimes words are not enough to say all that you may feel. 

Sometimes you decide on not telling any of the words you've thought of, not because you're scared to say them or scared of being misunderstood, but because you feel like it'll be worthless saying them, that it won't really matter if the words are said or not. And sometimes it's simply because, words are not enough to say all that you wish to say, because the truth is so much stronger than how the words might describe it. That's why some words can't be told, they are just felt, or else they don't exist. And those who can't feel the words those can't be said are like those who don't hear the words when they are being said. So, don't regret a word or two that you have wanted to say but at the last minute you stopped yourself from saying them. Because if it had been easy for you saying them, you'd have easily said them. But the reasons and the facts that stopped you from saying what you've wanted to say are real and strong enough to take away the power from the words which they have possessed leaving them worthless, and worthless words are just sullying...

-- I could have written a whole book trying to explain how I feel, but I preferred to just give some small hints to all the words hidden inside me. Leaving the rest to just be felt, if they could be felt! 

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